The truth about those nasty cold and flu bugs.

What does it take to be a good friend?
Give and take


Friendships are precious. They require a delicate balance of commitment, respect and gratitude.

Willpower is a critical tool for maintaining equilibrium in any relationship – especially the one you are having with your body where your mind ultimately holds the power.

Saying ‘I will’ is just as important as saying ‘I will not’. Strengthening your resolve to reduce unhealthy habits and take positive action towards your goals is really empowering. It is also way more gratifying than giving in to unhelpful short-term impulses.

But you need to strap in for the long haul and put some clever strategies in place to overcome any unhelpful dopamine-fuelled habits. Your willpower reserves will get depleted each day and you need support and distraction to stay on track.

Good friends look after each other


How many of the above qualities would you
apply to the relationship between you
(your mind) and your body?

Think about it. Of all the relationships in
your life – past, present and future –
will you ever have a more intimate

lifelong friend than your own body?

You are probably the dominant one in

the relationship but, if you follow basic

friendship principles, your body will be

a loyal and supportive friend to the end. 

Letting the side down

Have you ever taken a friend for granted, or had a friend do it to you? It is often a slow, disappointing and silent process that can damage the relationship.


Sometimes the damage is irreversible but, more often
than not, if the friendship is worth fighting for it can
be mended and the forgiveness process becomes
a unique and priceless life experience.


Your body is doing its best to

support you – day in, day out. 


Are you returning the love?


Download the ‘Best Friends Forever’ bedtime story and read it with a child to help them understand and teach others about the precious lifelong relationship between their mind and body.


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