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We support you to help your students thrive

In Australia, one child in every four is overweight or obese due to poor diet and/or insufficient exercise. The knock-on effects include lethargy, behavioural issues, anxiety and absenteeism, which reduce children’s capacity to learn and reach their full physical and mental potential.

With 25% of the child population affected, it is likely there is evidence of this trend in your classroom and you are understandably concerned about the academic success and general wellbeing of your students. We would like to support you to empower children to actively participate in shaping their own health destiny.

Metabolic Symphony is an innovative life science program that is interactive and fun for both teachers and students. The Program is a learning extravaganza that touches on a multitude of disciplines and learning areas, including human biology, food science, numeracy, literacy, art, song, dance, drama and physical education. The most appropriate student age range is 9 – 13 years depending on numeracy and literacy competence.

The Lessons can be delivered with confidence, in either a low or high-tech classroom, by one or more resident teachers or by a home-schooling parent or carer. The Program includes resources to send home to keep families involved with their child’s new learning.

The Program includes the innovative YiYO card games, which give students an opportunity to rehearse the lifestyle principles they are learning in a safe and entertaining way.


Family and Friends

We support you to keep your family healthy

Modern life is challenging when you are trying to keep yourself healthy and take care of your family.

You want to make the right choices for the people you love, but the health and nutrition landscape can be confusing and overwhelming.

Children need help to move into adulthood in the best possible physical and mental shape. The Metabolic Symphony Program teaches children about their brain and body, and how to establish healthy lifestyle behaviours that will keep them safe and happy throughout their lives.

The full Metabolic Symphony Program is for school, community and home-based educators. However, the Program includes a set of resources specifically designed for you – the parents and carers – that take the mystery out of living healthy and empower you to promote lifestyle management principles to your children, family and friends.

The Life Science Library (LSL) contains 24 intriguing modules that each include a downloadable, interactive activity that you can use to educate children. You can sign up anytime to receive one module monthly for FREE or purchase them here individually or as a set.


If your child’s school is not running the Program, we encourage you to introduce it to a teacher and, if they purchase, you will receive the entire set of LSL modules as a thank you gift from us.

The rapid increase in overweight and lifestyle-related illness is the result of a gradual decline in food quality and physical activity over the last 50 years.


What is most alarming today is that one child in every four is overweight or obese, and the risk of children being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (T2D) is increasing – especially if there is T2D in your family medical history.

When I found out about the inherited risk factors for type 2 diabetes, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! Why are people not being told about the potency of these factors, and the increased risk for their descendants?


If people knew they had type 2 in their family, and the potential consequences of that, they would have the opportunity to change the way they live to avoid disease, and educate their children to do the same.

Joanna Giles, Founder

Metabolic Symphony Program and YiYO games


Family genetics 101

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