We support you to help your students thrive

With the incidence of overweight and obesity in Australia at 1 in 4 children and rising, you are understandably concerned about the wellbeing of your students.

You know that poor health can reduce their capacity to learn and reach their full physical and mental potential.

We understand the pressure you are under, and how little time you have for lesson preparation. So, we have done the hard part for you!


The Metabolic Symphony Program is an interactive learning extravaganza that touches on a multitude of disciplines and learning areas, including human biology, food science, numeracy, literacy, music, dance, drama and physical education.

The Program consists of ten individual turnkey Lessons that lay the foundations for healthy self-management. This includes building a resilient mindset and understanding food, digestion, energy metabolism and the importance of hydration, exercise and sleep – all supported and reinforced by engaging, hands-on individual and group activities.

The Program includes the two innovative YiYO card games, which give students a tangible opportunity to rehearse the theory they learn in the Program in a safe and entertaining way.


The curriculum is appropriate for delivery in primary and secondary schools, homeschooling families, paediatric weight management clinics and community health centres.


NOTE: Educators are encouraged to seek credits for their professional development through delivery of the Metabolic Symphony Program.




Curriculum structure

The full Metabolic Symphony Program is designed to be delivered over 10 x 50 minute sessions. However, the curriculum is modular and Educators may choose to cherry pick specific Modules or Lessons to embellish their own life science education programs.


The recommended age range is 9 - 13 years, but the curriculum can be adapted for different ages and abilities. The majority of Lessons include multi-age student worksheets and activities for 7 - 15 years.


Within the school, home or community setting, one Educator may choose to deliver the whole Program, or delivery can be split between different specialist Educators.

Empowering parents and carers

The Program is most effective when parents and carers are supported to reinforce children’s new learning outside the school setting.

The Program includes instructions on how to run an introductory information session for parents and carers to explain the principles of the Program. Each Lesson also contains a summary flyer that can be sent home (digital or printed) to keep parents up to speed with what their child is learning from week to week.

You can subscribe to Metabolic Symphony Support to get your questions answered, seek expert guidance for delivery of the Modules and Lessons, and interact with others involved with the Program.




Modern life presents a challenge when you are trying to stay fit and healthy, and manage a family.


Navigating your way through confusing health advice and making the right choices for your loved ones can feel overwhelming.

The rapid increase in overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) directly correlates with the decline in food quality and physical activity over the last 50 years.

What is most alarming is that one in four children today is overweight or obese, with steadily increasing numbers being diagnosed with T2D.

When I found out about the inherited risk factors for type 2 diabetes, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! Why are people not being told about the potency of these factors, and the increased risk for their descendants? If people knew they had type 2 in their family, and the potential consequences of that, they would have the opportunity to change the way they live to avoid disease, and educate their children to do the same.

Joanna Giles, Founder

Metabolic Symphony Program

Your child needs your help to make sure they move into adulthood in the best possible shape – both physically and mentally. The Metabolic Symphony Program is designed to not only teach children, but to share the knowledge and healthy behaviours with the whole family.

If you, or members of your family, are looking for additional information, you can explore the Metabolic Symphony Life Science Library modules to increase your understanding of nutrition and the internal processes that impact your metabolism.


You are not alone. Work in partnership with your family and a trusted health care professional to start making small, positive changes.

The Metabolic Symphony Program will make the process fun and interesting and help you weave healthy habits into your family’s life.