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Every child deserves to know how their brain and body work so they can confidently participate in the management of their own health.

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Saying ‘No’ isn’t going to cut it

If you want to cut processed food and sugary drinks out of your child’s diet, they will want a more compelling reason than just ‘No’.

The Metabolic Symphony Program takes a novel approach to lifestyle education – using scientific inquiry to spark children’s curiosity and give them the knowledge and confidence they need to trust their instincts and resist temptation.

Our goal is to inspire people to better understand food and its effect on their body; and to nurture a caring, lifelong friendship between their mind and body.

Show kids how to

conduct themselves

Let’s teach our children WHY they need to choose long-term health and happiness over short-term pleasure, and support them to take their healthy habits into adulthood.

The Metabolic Symphony Program provides a fascinating window into our metabolism and brain chemistry, and demonstrates how choosing real food and keeping active keeps us healthy and happy on the inside.

Introduce your kids to their very own ‘metabolic symphony’, and the chorus of hormones and neurotransmitters harmonising in the background.

Knowledge and self-belief are the cornerstones of generational change.

Behaviour breakthrough

Studies have shown that when children understand the scientific rationale behind healthy lifestyle messages, they are more likely to establish or change their behaviour voluntarily.  

During classroom trials of the Metabolic Symphony Program, students were really intrigued about how their brain and guts worked.


As their understanding grew, they became ultra compliant with their lifestyle behaviours to protect the metabolic friends who kept their bodies running smoothly each day.


Joanna Giles – Founder and author

Metabolic Symphony Program

As a result, children and teenagers are developing chronic health issues such as tooth decay, overweight, metabolic dysfunction and liver disease.

Teaching children to protect themselves against lifestyle-related disease is in your hands.


With your support, and the right knowledge and strategies, children can take the lead in the lifestyle revolution.

Our ancient metabolism is struggling to cope with modern life.

It’s time to take things into your own hands


But how can I help children when I don’t know enough about it myself?

The Metabolic Symphony Program provides everything you need to engage children in a series of fun and interesting conversations about food, exercise and how their brain and body interact.

Our resources include quizzes, creative activities, stories, catchy songs and challenging card games to engage children and SHOW them why eating real food and being physically active each day is essential for good health.

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